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Forum Game Rules

Post by katherine on 31/10/2011, 17:40


We encourage members putting forward new ideas for forum games and even creating their own. Feel free to create a new topic with the new game however they must comply with the forum rules. If the user is unsure whether the game will be successful or not, they can post their idea in the suggestions section and get a general response from the other users.

General rules for this section include:

-Do not double post

-Try to provide english examples when possible. E.g. use Shadow Clone rather than Kage Bunshin

-Try to stick to the rules given in the first post of the topic

-Feel free to comment, but also include your response to the game in your reply

Please stick to the rules and enjoy the forum games Laugh


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Re: Forum Game Rules

Post by Valjavec on 31/10/2011, 21:58

Abot Kage Bunshin- Shadow clone im used to that term, coz i am member of Naruto forum where i have about 1800 posts, ill try but dont promisse you anything Tongue

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