v5.47 Changelog

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v5.47 Changelog

Post by H3katonkheir on 8/12/2010, 16:23

v5.47 Changes

Core/Gameplay Changes

Bonus Gold
• Remade: The end-of-round bonus gold system was remade, within each team, the player with the least income (which does not need to be the goalie) gets extra gold. The amount given is equal to 30% of the difference between that player's income and the average income of the other players on his team.

Creep Behaviour
• Added: A new, experimental system has been implemented whereby creeps will be forcibly teleported out of your area if they have been within it for too long. This is to prevent abuse of the creep/pathing system, but without disallowing juggling.
• Changed: Creeps now explode faster once a block is discovered

Sell Timer
• Remade: Selling a tower now works as follows: Towers have a short default sell time. If you sell with creeps in your area, that time gets longer. Your sell time will decrease over time and will reset if your area is free of creeps.

Mode Changes

• Added: Hide sight (-hs) mode has been added. When activated, players have no sight of the enemy half of the map and cannot use the reveal vault ability. Choosing a builder also doesn't show a text message to enemies.
• Added: A new in-game command (-afk) is now available, it will tell you if any players have been inactive for too long
• Added: You can now type -clear to clear all text messages off your screen
• Fixed: Modes can now only be entered within the first 15 seconds, after that you have until the end of round 1 to enter commands such as -swap, -repick or -random
• Fixed: Fixed the AR multi-builder bug

Extra Food mode
• Fixed: xf now works with any 2 players as long as there is only 1 player on each team

Training mode
• Changed: Able to repick builders an infinite number of times
• Fixed: Creeps sent in training mode no longer deduct lumber
• Fixed: Shrines will no longer auto-upgrade in training mode

Income command
• Changed: In addition to player's income, -i now shows which team has the higher collective income

Open Region command
• Fixed: Now any player can enter -or, not only red

Random command
• Added: If you type -random before the builders become available, then it will wait until they would become available and then random you a builder

Repick command
• Added: New functionality has been added to the repick command so that if you repick while not in a random mode (ar, rm) then you get to choose a new builder instead of being given a random new one
• Fixed: The game will now notify you when you try to repick more than once
• Fixed: Repick will now work in non-random modes (except -rm)
• Fixed: Repicking in Training mode will no longer automatically reset your sell timer

Swap command
• Remade: If you type swap, your builder will be removed and will become available at your race beacon. If an ally chooses to swap, then their builder will also become available to you at your race beacon. From their you simply select the builder you would like.

Builder Changes

• Added: A new race, Poseidon's Guard, has been added
• Added: A new race, Lich's Brethren, has been added
• Changed: Builders have been rearranged to suite the official storyline
• Fixed: Lots of tooltips are now correct
• Fixed: Lots of icons now have the correct border
• Fixed: All towers now sell for the correct amount
• Fixed: When repicking, the builder being repicked gets added back to the shrine
• Fixed: All towers now create the same effect when their construction is cancelled
• Fixed: Various soundsets where fixed to better suit their towers
• Fixed: The game will no longer allow you to random or pick a builder that has already been taken by another player
• Fixed: Invulnerable towers no longer get removed by a creep explosion
• Fixed: Towers sold or destroyed now drop any items that they might be carrying
• Fixed: Towers now give the correct amount of game points so that Warcraft's native end-game summary now shows the correct stats
• Fixed: Tower construction will now always repath correctly when a path may have opened or closed
• Fixed: Corrected multiple exploits that allowed you to get multiple builders
• Remade: All builders have had a new story written for them
• Remade: The builder shrines now has their own unique, tropical sounding, names

Ancient Forester
• Changed: Mammoth Tree now costs 3 food

Bandit Apprentice
• Added: The Bandit Demon has been given a new ability: "Dominating Presence Aura" that makes towers within range immune to boss auras

Bright Paladin
• Changed: Sun Obelisks are now slightly smaller so that you can easily select only 1 in a diagonal row of them
• Fixed: Researching the Blessing of the Light God now instantly gives the Daylight ability to Sun Obelisks and the Tower of Judgement

Chaos Kodobeast
• Fixed: Ruby pedestal is now sized correctly according to it's path size

Creep King
• Remade: The theme of the Creep King's towers have been reworked to fit into the current creep set

Crypt Lord
• Fixed: Resized the Nerubian Nexus to make it better fit it's pathing size
• Fixed: Broodmothers and Warlords can no longer be summoned upon towers that you do not own
• Fixed: Removed the casting delay on Select Broodmother and Select Warlord
• Fixed: Select Broodmother and Select Warlord no longer incorrectly state Nerubling and Spiderling as a requirement
• Fixed: The Broodmother and Nerubian Warlord now become available again when they are involved in a creep explosion

Demon Conjurer
• Changed: Building a Demon Resident now costs 6666 and the research for the Covenant of Secret Sins costs 9400.
• Changed: Demon Resident's damage lowered from 3966-4158 to 2813-3005
• Changed: Nightmare's ability is now called Restless Sleep, but it is the same ability
• Changed: Lava Lord now has the same attack missile as a Lava Gnome, this should help to reduce gfx lag
• Changed: Lava Lord/Lava Gnome Permanent Immolation no longer shows the fire fx around the tower as they already look rather fiery, and it reduces gfx lag significantly
• Fixed: Devil Golem and Demon resident now work correctly together with regards to selling/block explosions. They will no longer bug and become available when they aren't supposed to.
• Fixed: Lava Lord's Melt Armor now works correctly
• Fixed: Dead Rock can now be sold
• Fixed: Infernal Flames can no longer be cast on towers that you do not own

Draenei Tower Builder
• Changed: Rearranged the icons on the Draenei Tech Tower so that they are now placed logically
• Fixed: Armageddon Tower no longer lists Serenity as a requirement
• Fixed: All towers now have the correct construction time

Evoker of the Necron Covenant
• Fixed: Blight now always gets correctly removed
• Fixed: Necron Fortress now retains it's attack speed bonus when it gets sold/blown up and then rebuilt
• Fixed: Covenant Architect now correctly buffs Necron Fortress

Evolution's Helper
• Added: Adult Tree now has the "Forest Essence" ability
• Changed: Reduced the gold cost of an Adult Tree from 5642 to 5000
• Changed: Raised Single Cell's range from 700 to 1100
• Changed: Adult tree has smaller model size
• Fixed: All towers now have the correct construction time

Flame Mistress
• Changed: The icon of the archers within the stronghold is now the same as the icon that the research has
• Changed: The tooltip for the research that places archers within the stronghold now gives the damage that the archers do
• Fixed: Magmataur's upgrade icon has now been moved to a more logical place down in the bottom corner
• Fixed: Stronghold's Archer upgrade now always requires a Blazing Arrow

Forsaken Emissary
• Changed: Moved the icon for Crushing Blow 1 row upwards in order to accommodate the other towers' abilities
• Changed: A mimic'ed tower no longer has the capability to sell at all
• Changed: Moved the Revert icon to Sell's icon slot
• Changed: Nether Voids no longer get splash damage from Nether Essence
• Fixed: Nether Essence now gives the correct amount (+283) of bonus damage
• Fixed: Nether Void's Mesmerize now always works correctly
• Fixed: Nether Essence now costs 200 gold more but also upgrades the Chaplain's Carrion Swarm
• Fixed: Mimic'ed Towers can no longer be upgraded

• Added: Mud Golem now has a new ability: Dust Blind, that slows attacked units

Human Builder
• Fixed: The sound sets of the 3 sword pedestals now fits the model
• Fixed: The 3 sword pedestals now have different names
• Fixed: When you build a sword pedestal, it automatically gives King Proudmore the benefits of that sword, you do not need to go and research it
• Fixed: Rail Cannon MK2 can now be dropped

King Leoric
• Changed: Reduced Zombie slaves cost from 6 to 5
• Changed: Reduced Skeletal Grunts cost from 43 to 25
• Changed: Reduced Zombie plaguebearer's cost from 130 to 90
• Changed: Reduced Bone archers cost from 140 to 120
• Changed: Reduced Bone Mage's cost from 570 to 460
• Changed: Reduced abomination's cost from 1715 to 1225
• Changed: Reduced Death Knight's cost from 4800 to 3900

Lord Buzan
• Added: A new ability (with a corresponding research) has been added that allows you to add an extra item slot to up to 5 different towers
• Changed: Lonely Knight now only has 2 item slots
• Fixed: There is no longer a hotkey conflict between the Maul of Strength and the Adamantium Medallion

Miss Allyoucanknow
• Fixed: Chaos Technology upgrade now gives the correct bonuses

Mountain Wolf
• Fixed: Gryphon now always shows up at the same height

Night Elf Builder
• Changed: Empowered Arrow now gives +24 damage per Archer/Hippogryph Archer instead of +24.5
• Changed: Moon Well no longer has the Maiev Upgrade ability because a Jailor requires a Moon Well
• Fixed: Empowered Arrow's damage bonus is now instantly given when an Archer/Hippogryph Archer is built
• Fixed: Empowered Arrow now gives damage correctly when archers got built before a Priestess of the Moon

Rain Maker
• Changed: Doubled the mana cost of Storm Crow's Thunderwing
• Changed: Removed the cooldown on Thunderwing and instead added a cooldown to the actual transformation between Storm Crow and Medivh
• Changed: Completely removed Storm Crow's mana cost
• Changed: The Fountain has now been changed to the Weather Service

Robotizer Tinker
• Changed: The builder's icon now better suits the builder
• Fixed: When an Obelisk of Light gets destroyed, the nuclear reactor now correctly becomes available again
• Fixed: Obelisk of Light no longer gets blown up by an explosion
• Fixed: Power generators/reactors now have the correct build time

The Pure
• Changed: The Essence of Life upgrade now gives the Fountain of Life chaos damage and an extra 3 targets for it's attack
• Fixed: Fountain of Life's model size now better reflects it's pathing

Water Builder
• Changed: Increased the gold cost of Acidotic Hydra from 6500 to 9000
• Fixed: Acidotic Hydra now gets correctly affected by an Elder Sasquatch

Wild Beast
• Changed: Satyr's Rage aura now requires a Wild Hut
• Changed: Satyr now costs 4300 instead of 5100
• Fixed: Harpy should now always show at a set height

Wisp King
• Changed: Increased the cost of a Wisp from 0 to 1 gold
• Fixed: Darkness aura now gives the correct buff
• Fixed: You can no longer have both a Dark Wisp and a Darker Wisp
• Fixed: Relevant Wisps now have "Only 1 is allowed" in their tooltips

Creep/Boss Changes

Creep Shrine General
• Changed: Rewrote the tooltips for upgrading the creep shrines; they are now more informative
• Changed: Upgrading a shrine will only select it, if you have the shrine currently selected. This includes auto-upgrades

Creep Pathing
• Changed: Creeps now explode much faster once they have reached their desired explosion location
• Fixed: Creeps will now update their paths when a creep explodes

Creep Shrine level 1
• Changed: Wolf now has a move speed higher than that of most other creeps

Creep Shrine level 2
• Changed: Dreadlord creeps now have increased movement speed and are resistant to slow
• Fixed: Sea witch no longer floats, she now slides along the ground

Creep Shrine level 3
• Added: A new creep, the "Atmodoz Arachnid" has been added
• Remade: The models of this shrine's creeps have been redone. Their stats remain the same.

Boss Shrine General
• Added: A new boss class has been added: "Enabler"
• Fixed: Boss auras no longer affect invulnerable buildings
• Remade: The boss shrine has been reworked into a 3-tier upgrade (similar to the regular creep shrine), however the shrine can only be upgraded once a specific round has been reached.

Boss Shrine level 2
• Added: A new enabler boss, the "Feral Hound" has been added. It gives maximum speed to all creeps in the aura's area of effect

Boss Shrine level 3
• Added: A new enable boss, the "Stalker" has been added. It gives creeps in it's area a high evasion chance
• Added: Elder Sasquatch now has the "Enfeebling Ancestry" ability. This causes wisps to have half the chance of casting spells and mutes certain items.
• Fixed: Undefeatable would sometimes glitch and not explode

Tropical Vault Changes

• Added: New (individual cooldown) ability added: Arctic Torrent (slows creeps in your river)
• Added: New (individual cooldown) ability added: Midnight Serenity (chance for your towers to bash)

• Added: The text message given by sweep now shows how many creeps where swept and how much bounty they where collectively worth

Other Changes

Game GUI
• Remade: Armour types and Damage types now show the exactly percentages of damage that they take/deal to all of the other types

Monument of Creeps
• Changed: The Monument of Creeps is now unselectable

Players Leaving
• Remade: When a player leaves, his towers (excluding his tech building, which gets left as is) now get replaced with "Tower Replacements" that sell for 0 gold. However the gold given to allies when a player leaves now includes the equivalent of what you would get if you sold the towers and allies now also get given 15 extra food each.
• Changed: When a player leaves his shrines now get removed, instead of being split between allies

• Added: At the end of the game, you are now shown a statistics board that gives a general overview of the game's stats
• Remade: the in-game statistics board has been remade, the team with the highest income now gets shown when the -i command is used
• Changed: Blizzard's native end-game summary now does not show the creep players

• Fixed: Players should now have control of their mouse while the splash message is shown

• Changed: Teams have been renamed to suite the official storyline

• Changed: Made some (purely graphical) changes to the middle areas (where the creep shrines are for each team)
• Changed: The Rift Dwellers' ship now has it's own model
• Fixed: The terrain is now mirrored for all of the building areas. All mazes that work in one defender area will work in any defender area and the same for goalie areas

Game info
• Added: There is now a section about our new bug report email (bugs@tropicaltowerwars.co.cc)
• Added: Section advertising the official TTW Garena room
• Changed: Updated the credits information

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