v5.49 Changelog

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v5.49 Changelog

Post by D3zmodos on 21/12/2011, 20:50


  • Changed a bunch of buffs to only show on High Spell detail graphics settings, this should increase performance on lower-end machines
  • Updated the quests

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the hotkey clash between the rail cannons
  • Fix the hotkey clash between Embrace Sight and Embrace Speed
  • Fixed the bug whereby Priestesses of the Moon would have incorrect amounts of bonus damage.
  • Fixed the multiple builder bug
  • Fixed the hotkey clash between Power Critical and Power Voodoo
  • Fixed the hotkey clash between Battle Moment and Bash
  • Fixed the possibility that repick would give players the same race
  • Fixed firehood's tooltip
  • Reworked the money generator so that it now gives you half the gold double as often
  • Fixed Ancient Forester never randoming
  • Fixed the bug whereby players would not always get bounty when they killed a creep
  • Fixed the bugs with the sell timer
  • Fixed the creep shrine level 2 auto upgrade taking double the gold it should
  • Fixed the bug whereby an Elder Sasquatch would duplicate items for Lord Buzan
  • Fixed the swap bug
  • Fixed the incorrect URL at the start of the game
  • Fixed the unit sounds
  • Fixed Bandits swapable tooltip
  • Fixed the typo in the Lich tooltips
  • Fixed the leaderboard builder icon while swapping
  • Made it tell the player if they try to swap too late
  • Fixed the level of Tidal Waves Drench ability always being wrong if Drench is upgraded before the tower is built
  • Fixed Drench causing all towers to deal extra damage


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