Staff Addition / Progress Report

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Staff Addition / Progress Report

Post by LeafMuncher on 12/12/2012, 19:38

Welcoming a new addition to the TTW Forum Slave Roster:

Flameberg the new dedicated Guardian! *slow clap*

Report on the status of next version:

Things are mostly stable, but for some annoying bugs with MissAllYouCanKnow and the new auras we are (I am) trying to add. If I can't fix this by next week I'll do a more boring cost/damage scaling change for the builder. This is the final major change still in progress, and we (the testers) are happy with most of the implemented balance changes, so a new version is NOT far in the future *cheering, tears of joy, women taking their clothes off*.

Unfortunately there will be no new builders, but I think the community will be satisfied by the huge amount of balance changes. The aim of this version is major rebalancing as well as trying to make the harder and/or not-so-fun builders far more enjoyable, while reducing the effectiveness of some of the "overpowered" builders. I feel adding a new builder or two on top of all the other changes might be a bit overwhelming for a single version.

Barring any bugs in 5.50, expect new and exciting builders in version 6.00 Smile

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Re: Staff Addition / Progress Report

Post by FlaMeBeRg on 13/12/2012, 13:29

Awesome, looking forward to playing the troll summoner when buffed a bit Excited

I'll work on that Volcano Tamer when I get back from vacation January so hopefully Version 6.00 will be February'ish



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Re: Staff Addition / Progress Report

Post by viper395 on 24/12/2012, 16:19

tnx for the updates Excited hope to see it soon. i like this game


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Re: Staff Addition / Progress Report

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