v5.46e Changelog

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v5.46e Changelog

Post by H3katonkheir on 8/12/2010, 16:53

v5.46e Mini Patch Changes

• Fixed: Some tooltips & hotkeys
• Fixed: Flame Mistress Scout Hawk's ability
• Fixed: Life leak sound effect playback
• Fixed: non-destroyed towers in training mode when using -repick
• Fixed: pathing issues occurring by river, and purple player
• Fixed: shrine 3 creep cooldowns
• Fixed: Brotherhood Summoner's Supercharge ability
• Fixed: Sell timer now resets if there are no creeps in your region
• Added: game start animation at region entrances

v5.46d Mini Patch Changes

• Fixed: -swap, -repick commands
• Fixed: mode entering when paused
• Fixed: Buzan patron selection for item purchasing
• Changed: Decreased load time
• Fixed: Patched 1 or 2 other minor bugs that cropped up at the last minute

v5.46c Changes

Core Gameplay Changes

• Added: New pathing system to prevent unfair explosions *(see below)

Tower Selling
• Added: New tower sell time incrementer to reduce juggling/pathing abuse *(see below)
• Added: Selling animation

• Changed: Sweep command moved to the Tropical Vault as an ability

Game Modes
• Changed: Game mode entering tweaked - All game mode commands are now 2 characters (ap; ar; rm; xf; fs;)
• Concatenated game mode entering enabled (e.g. -arfs, -rmfs, -arxf etc)

Builder Changes

Bloodelf Worker
• Fixed: Battle moment / upgraded engine speed increase buff

Creep King
• Fixed: Obsidian ward no longer blocks creeps or buildings

Demon Conjurer
• Changed: Reworked Acolyte damage dice and ability

Evolution's Helper
• Changed: Reduced Adult Tree model size

Flame Mistress
• Changed: Now unable to drop blazing arrows from stronghold
• Fixed: Foreman gives gold if it kills a creep

Forsaken Emissary
• Fixed: Multiple mimic tower exploit patched
• Added: Mimic tower automatically reselected after mimicking

• Changed: Reduced Crystal Golem model size

Human Peasant
• Changed: Farms now sellable, pedastals unsellable
• Changed: Heavy weapons platform is no longer invulnerable
• Added: Items transferable between King Proudmoore and Heavy Weapon Platform (except MKII which is unsellable)

Mountain Wolf
• Fixed: Rain now gives bonus damage to Mountain King during avatar form
• Fixed: Mountain King Avatar model reflected correctly
• Changed: attack animation of Stone Dwarf

Nightelf Builder
• Fixed: bonus attack speed for basic archers at night

Ogre Warchief
• Changed: Decreased the cooldown on Living Spirit's Ethereal Grant

• Changed: Reduced cost/sell for Red Turtle

Rain Maker
• Added: Rain Maker to -ar mode
• Fixed: Medivh/Storm Crow lightning exploit patched
• Removed: slow ability from Rain Drop tower (available on Heavy Rain Drop)

Robotized Tinker
• Fixed: sell on Quantum Box
• Changed: Obelisk will no longer blow up

The Pure
• Changed: attack animation of Earth Elemental

Water Builder
• Added: new ulti unit: Acidotic Hydra
• Changed: Increased the Zergling Rabid ability duration, decreased cooldown.

Wisp King
• Changed: Nerfed Fireball (damage + range) now 175 gold
• Changed: Nerfed Wisp Commander range
• Fixed: Wisp King causing critical war3 error/crash fixed
• Changed: Only 1 snowball allowed, and no snowballs allowed once upgraded to Lich

Creep/Boss Changes

Sea Witch
• Changed: Is now passable

• Changed: Now 100% undefeatable

Other Changes

Training mode
• Added: Auto-detects singleplayer.
• Added: New creep send shrine
• Added: Unlimited lives
• Added: mid-game repick allowed
• Added: give gold command (-gold xxxxxxx)

• Map banned players are autokicked at the start (play is able to continue however)
• Removed ability to trade gold
• Several other small fixes (e.g. tooltip grammar/spelling fixes, tower sell prices fixed)
• Missing builder stories added as tooltips
• Tweaked game leaver logic (tower/builder sharing)
• Sweep no longer pwns builders
• Hotkey 'X' now cancels build-in-progress towers as well as sells
• Updated map info (F9, etc)

* New Pathing System

• Creeps will repath as soon as a change is detected against the player's maze
• Creeps will not execute an attack, unless they have attempted to repath first
• Pathing is now independent to each player's region, and the creeps contained in that region
• Pathing attempts to understand when a player is juggling, and will react immediately to detect the shortest route

*New Selling System

• Tower selling now has a set timer per each player in the game
• Each time a tower is sold this timer increases
• When a tower is sold, an animation can be seen indicating that it is in the selling process
• Selling a group of towers will increase the timer in the same fashion as selling each tower in the group one by one
• The sell timer will only decrease to its default value if a player has not sold a tower over a certain period of time
• This system has been implemented to prevent players trying to abuse the juggling of creeps

Version Releases

With the rushed release of the Warcraft III 1.24 path, Blizzard have managed to render many custom maps useless. One of which being ours. We have spoken to them, and testing for 1.24b is already under way. This will fix all the current issues we are experiencing. Until then TTW will not work on the 1.24.* patch.

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