Computer Workings

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Computer Workings

Post by H3katonkheir on 3/1/2011, 15:19

Thought this was quite funny Smile

Computer: "Monitor, display this document, ok?"

Monitor: "No prob, boss."

Computer: "Ok, now it looks like Mouse is moving around so, Monitor will you move the pointer icon accordingly?"

Monitor: "Anything you ask, boss."

Computer: "Great, great, Ok, Mouse where are you going now?"

Mouse: "Over to the icon panel, sir."

Computer: "Hmmm, let me know if he clicks anything, ok?"

Mouse: "Of Course."

Keyboard: "Sir, he's pressed control and P simultaneously."

Monitor: "Oh no... Here we go."

Computer: Sigh "Printer, are you there?"

Printer: "No."

Computer: "Please, Printer. I know you're there."

Printer: "NO! I'm not here! Leave me alone!"

Computer: ... "Ok look, you really nee..."

Mouse: "Sir, he's clicked on the printer icon."

Computer: "Printer, now you have to print it twice."

Printer: "NO! NO! NO! I don't want to! I hate you! I hate printing! I'm turning off!"

Computer: "Printer, you know you can't turn yourself off. Just print the document twice and we'll leave you alone."

Printer: "NO! That's what you always say! I hate you! I'm out of ink!"

Computer: "You're not out of in..."

Printer: "I'M OUT OF INK!"

Computer: Sigh "Monitor, please show a low ink level alert."

Monitor: "But sir, he has plen..."

Computer: "Just do it, damn it!"

Monitor: "Yes sir."

Keyboard: "AHHH! He's hitting me!"

Computer: "Stay calm, he'll stop soon. Stay calm, old friend."

Keyboard: "He's pressing everything. OMG, I don't know, he's just pressing everything!"

Computer: "PRINTER! Are you happy now?! Do you see what you've done?!"

Printer: "HA! That's what you get for trying to get me to do work. Next time he... hey... HEY! He's trying to open me! HELP! HELP! OMG! He's torn out my cartridge! HELP! Please! ERROR..."

Monitor: "Sir, maybe we should help him?"

Computer: "Nah... He did this to himself..."



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Re: Computer Workings

Post by vAnKaTa_G.G. on 3/1/2011, 15:44
The same linked Excited

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Re: Computer Workings

Post by LeafMuncher on 3/1/2011, 17:39

prefer the text version Smile

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Re: Computer Workings

Post by MoJo on 3/1/2011, 18:39

CollegeHumour ... nice, i can kill some time with it.

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Re: Computer Workings

Post by }{odge-Podge on 4/1/2011, 09:56

LoL xD Sounds like me and my life xD When stuff stops working, just blame Caitlin Excited but that mad me LoL Laugh

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Re: Computer Workings

Post by Guest on 7/3/2011, 15:31

Brilliant! Finally I understand the inner workings of a computer!


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Re: Computer Workings

Post by russoka on 11/3/2011, 21:08

I will add: "Printer build maze, do not skip mobs"

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Re: Computer Workings

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