[Challenge] Old #01

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[Challenge] Old #01

Post by H3katonkheir on 12/2/2011, 17:43

This was the first of the 'TTW Weekly Challenges' for the previous forum, and is used as an example of what a 'Challenge' is. Feel free to try it out by yourself and then have a look at the solution provided Smile

If you find an alternative way of completing the challenge, or just want to comment on it - please say so.

Theme: Frosty the wolf.
Difficulty: 6 / 10.

  • Start a new single player game.
  • Use -gold xxxxxxx to give yourself as much gold as necessary.
  • Select the Lord Buzan builder from the Oceanic Summoning Shrine (top-left).
  • You are allowed a maximum of; (at any given point)
    - 4 buildings (3 towers and the population building).
    - 1 Item in use, purchased from the Item Tavern.
  • Build only in the Player 1 (top-left) defender area.
  • Contruct a maze within the limits (juggling is allowed).
  • Send a Raider creep from the Creep Shrine.
  • Kill the Raider before it leaves the region.

  • Must use the TTW map version 5.48.
  • No exploits can be abused.
  • A tower must complete construction, before it can be sold (in cases where this may influence game-play).
  • Block Juggling is prohibitted.
  • Comment here if additional instructions are required.
  • Good luck - Have fun!

  • Juggling should come in handy.
  • Naga Seawitchs' slows stack up to a point.

  • Type: Wc3 Replay (*.w3g).
  • Winner: N/A.

[Download Solution]



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