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Release Imminent

6/3/2018, 15:23 by H3katonkheir

The release is still happening, it should just take a couple more days from now.

About a week before the release I became very ill. I've mostly recovered and I'm dedicating every moment I have to TTW. The tests are looking positive and everyone I've tested with is really excited.

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New Release Date - 1st March

10/2/2018, 00:48 by H3katonkheir

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. However, as I look at the game as it stands now I would prefer releasing something of better quality than what I have produced here.

As much as I dislike making everyone (some who have been waiting for so many months or years for this release) wait a few more weeks for the game, I would rather have that and release the best quality game I can offer. Which is why as I sit here on the 9th of Feb, a day before release, I have made an executive decision to delay the day of release until the 1st of March and hope that you will continue to support me in my endeavour to release something great.

I can show off some new things which got a graphics overhaul in the meantime:

Tropical Tower Wars - Home Page Team_s10
The new team selection screen.

Tropical Tower Wars - Home Page Factio10
The new faction selection; some of the super secret remakes are hiding in plain sight here.

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Heads Up (Patreon)

26/1/2018, 16:23 by H3katonkheir

From Heads Up on Patreon

Over the next while I'll be posting details about the upcoming three "Super Secret Remakes". There are a lot more than just those three remakes coming, but these in particular have been planned for ages.

Most of the remakes aim to make some of the factions more interesting, or give others a higher degree of flexibility or purpose. In particular I'll be targeting a particular class of faction; the ones where you max out with the same 60 strongest towers, maybe leaving room for some form of utility like a slow here or there.

Evolution's Helper and Effect Master have retired and won't be making it into Dota 2's Tropical Tower Wars; I don't think there are many people that will miss them though.

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Support TTW with Patreon

26/1/2018, 15:58 by H3katonkheir

As planned, I am working on TTW full-time now for the next foreseeable future hopefully. I created a Patreon account to help fund the development of Tropical Tower Wars:

All contributors will get access to patron-only content; mainly sneak peaks. If you feel like contributing to TTW's development, I would highly appreciate it, it goes a long way toward helping to build the game and all the future features. Obviously it's not a requirement, TTW will always be free to play (and never pay to win), but in the future I plan to give backers some solid in-game and website perks.

Thank you for all the support over the years!

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