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Post by H3katonkheir on 24/12/2010, 18:49

Hey TTW community,

After your input on the previous forum, the domain name was finally selected; "tropicaltowerwars" (It got the most votes by far) and Forumotion as our free host, as I found it to be the better of the few I examined. ".betaboard" sounded the most useful of the choices given.

So after a few weeks of development, I am pleased to announce that the this forum can now be made public!

A few aspects require work, so if I can ask you to help, please. Website / forum design is still new to me, and there may be bugs / breakages through-out the forum, so please post any comments / feedback / suggestions, as they will help greatly;

Thanks people and Enjoy!

Forum open! H3kato10

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