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Music and the likes :) Empty Music and the likes :)

Post by }{odge-Podge on 10/3/2011, 17:58

What's up everybody Smile
I'm a huge fan of music, and love rocking out to many forms of it whenever I can, I was just wondering which bands and / or artists everybody listens to Smile Oh and if you could just give a brief description of the band / artist, that would be great Excited

Here are mine Tongue

Probably one of the most influential classic-rock bands of all time. They have performed master pieces such as Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir, and Black Dog, and have been said to have actually changed the way music is actually played. Smile

Recently discovered these guys and found them to be pretty hectic! Tongue They are a Finnish shock-rock band that have been around since 1998. They vary between hard-rock and metal but are a mixture of hard-rock, metal, classic rock, and alternative. They have performed hits such as Hard Rock Hallelujiah, Bringing Back the Balls to Rock, and The Devil is a Loser.

Linkin Park:
Wooo, if you don't know who these guys are, then you are an alien lifeform Tongue Anyways, they are an alternative band that have rocked the world for a hell of a long time with songs like Numb, Bleed it out, Crawling, and Points of Authority Tongue

Black Sabbath:
Ok, first things first; They are NOT a satanic band. They are quite an old band that have been surrounded by controversy because of the legendary lead singer, John "Ozzy" Osbourne. They have had hits such as Paranoid, I am Iron Man and War Pigs Tongue

Tenacious D:
Ok Tongue these guys are hillariously funny and are regarded as Mock-Rock band as they pretty much rip off everything and make you laugh Excited They even have a movie!!! Tongue it's called, funnily enough, Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny and was released in 1996 (I think) anyways, they are quite good, in my opinion Tongue, and have performed classics like Classico, The Metal, Storm the Gate, Tribute, and The History of Tenacious D Tongue

I don't know much about these guys other than that they are Austrailian and rock pretty hard Tongue I know of two songs, Woman and The Joker and The Thief Smile

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Music and the likes :) Empty Re: Music and the likes :)

Post by russoka on 10/3/2011, 19:38

Well, like those I have seen many other sites, but in order to move the forum to write a search engine googleMusic and the likes :) 819512

I am a music lover. Play guitar with the Ibanez Micro Combo Cruiser 19 15-G. Love the bands:

Black Sabbath.
Old albums, albums with Rony James Dio, and the last Dehumanizer, Cross Purposes, Forbidden. Delays in this freaky jazz-blues rhythm Illusion of Power, Rusty Angels,
Cardinal Sin, Letters From Earth, Children of the Sea, Heaven and Hell,
War Pigs, Children Of The Grave, and many many other.

Ozzy Ozbourne.
On the individual musician's read a lot of unpleasant things, alcohol, drugs, sex, typical of John Lennon. Music and the likes :) 74428 However, under his name released wonderful albums and songs, such as the Ultimate Sin, Mr. Crowley and others. Ozzy Osbourne, is somehow part of Black Sabbath and it is difficult to say who is better Ozzy or Tommy Iommi (or Bill Ward).

Bill Ward.
As far as I know, there were only two albums released, including Along The Way has become quite famous. Bill Ward, the former drummer from Black Sabbath, now works for Ozzy Osbourne. The most memorable tracks for me to Jack's Land, Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays).

March 16, 2010 Dio died of stomach cancer, had hoped spravitsa with illness. Pretty sad news for the music community in the last years of his life musician has worked with Black Sabbath under the name Heaven and Hell (so as not to cause problems with Ozzy, who also claims to be the name of the group. On pleasant. Singer previously worked in a team Rainbow, Later,
after the collapse worked with Black Sabbath, with the 83rd began to act independently. One of
the best voices in heavy metal scene (I think). The first three albums very much, on a voice increasingly obkurenny, but even so, and old age, illness take their, this should humble.
Particularly successful songs - Holy Diver, Caught In The Middle, Don't Talk To Strangers, Egypt (The Chains Are On), Hungry For Heaven.

Iron Maiden.
bitching group, popular eerily, albeit old. In Russia there is a similar group "Aria", I'd rather about "Aria" will tell. Aria has been collected in the 85m was (informally 82m) and performed
western music with the Russian text, somewhat simplified for the Soviet consciousness. In
fact, the group stole the music from Western bands (Metallica, Iron Maiden and others) when the country these western groups were banned. The greatest impact has had on the group vocalist Valery Kipelov, whose voice I can compare with the voice of Dio. With 13 years to 20 years (7 years), Aria / Iron Maiden are my basic list of musical interests.

Perhaps all of this group are aware, one of the favorite bands to perform on the guitar.

Sonata Arctica.
Amazing vocals and lyrics, has similarities with Stratovarius, Nightwith, but the Sonata is most like. Song In Black And White from the album Unia contains quite a specific sound in a pair of fragments sposobeny awaken any fan card Legion. The lyrics of the song Juliet strongly sunk into the soul (read the text on the box to drive the unfamiliar words found in the dictionary), but in another 13 years, read a more complete original of Shakespeare (in Russian of course).

Pretty good team, listened to since the age of 13 (on audio cassette, did not know the name, or rather was written on the tape accept, but in fact it was a UDO). Animal House it was the album. Still others almoby too bad. But the older the more successful so I think.

List of my favorite music is much broader.

Nobuo Uematsu. The composer of the famous series JRPG Final Fantasy.

Betrayal. I do not know exactly what this is or who it is. But with such a name I Met favorite tracks from the game Warcraft II (this is no joke, I like bands from the classic strategy).

Classic: Classical music rarely listen, but all the same there are certain favorites, depending on your mood. Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Joplin, Josquin de Prez, Beethoven, Vanessa Maj (as far as I know only a performer, composer of another person), Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi.

Well, let me note a separate musical parts in the game DooM, specifically in the Hell Revealed 2 (Final)Music and the likes :) 51829 . Who is the composer I do not know, now it's pretty hard to find, perhaps a few individuals. Some of the tracks led me to familiarize yourself with the guitar. By
the way noticed a feature in older games music better than modern
music, probably trying to compensate for the lack of AMD Radeon (NVidia).Music and the likes :) 74428

Original on Russian:

Ну подобных тем я видел много на других сайтах, но в целях продвижения этого форума в поисковике гугла напишем Music and the likes :) 819512

Я меломан. Играю на гитаре Ibanez Micro с комбо Cruiser 15-G. Очень нравятся коллективы:

Black Sabbath. Старые альбомы, альбомы с участием Rony James Dio, и последние Dehumanizer, Cross Purposes, Forbidden. Затягивает в этот наркоманский джазово-блюзовый ритм Illusion of Power, Rusty Angels, Cardinal Sin, Letters From Earth, Children of the Sea, Heaven and Hell, War Pigs, Children Of The Grave, and many many other.

Ozzy Ozbourne. О личности музыканта читал много неприятных вещей, злоупотребление алкоголем, наркотиком, сексом, типичный Джон Леннон Music and the likes :) 74428 . Однако под его именем выпущены замечательные альбомы и песни, такие как Ultimate Sin, Mr. Crowley и прочие. Оззи Озборн, так или иначе является частью Black Sabbath и поэтому сложно сказать кто лучше Оззи или Томми Айоми (или Билл Уорд).

Bill Ward. Насколько мне известно, было только два альбома выпущено, из них Along The Way стал довольно известным. Билл Уорд бывшый барабанщик из Black Sabbath, ныне работает у Оззи Озборна. Наиболее запомнившиеся мне треки Jack's Land, Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays).

Dio. 16 марта 2010 года Дио умер от рака желудка, надеявшись справица с недугом. Довольно печальная новость для музыкального сообщества, в последние годы жизни музыкант работал совместно с Black Sabbath под названием Heaven and Hell (чтоб не вызывать проблемы с Оззи, который тоже претендует на название группы. О приятном. Вокалист работал ранее в коллективе Rainbow, Позже после развала работал совместно с Black Sabbath, с 83го начал самостоятельно выступать. Один из лучших голосов на Хеви Метал сцене(я так считаю). Первые три альбома очень понравились, дальше голос все более обкуренный, но всеже и старость, болезни берут свое, с этим надо смирится. Особо удачные композиции - Holy Diver, Caught In The Middle, Don't Talk To Strangers, Egypt (The Chains Are On), Hungry For Heaven.

Iron Maiden. Группа ёпт, популярна до жути, хотя и стара. В России есть похожая группа "Ария", лучше я об "Арии" расскажу. Ария собрана была в 85м году(неофициально в 82м) и исполняла западную музыку с русскими текстами, несколько упрощенные для советского сознания. Фактически группа воровала музыку у западных коллективов(Metallica, Iron Maiden и прочих) когда в стране эти западные группы были запрещены. Наибольшее влияния оказал на группу вокалист Валерий Кипелов, чей голос я могу сравнить с голосом Dio. С 13 лет и до 20 лет(почти 7 лет), Ария/Iron Maiden составляли мой базовый перечень музыкальных интересов.

Metallica. Пожалуй все об этой группе знают, одна из любимых групп для исполнения на гитаре.

Sonata Arctica. Потрясающий вокал и лирика, есть сходства с Stratovarius, Nightwith, но соната больше всего нравится. Песня In Black And White из альбома Unia содержит довольно специфический звук в паре фрагментов, способеный разбудить любого фаната карты Legion. Лирика из песни Juliet сильно запала в душу(читал текст по коробочке к диску, незнакомые слова находил в словаре), впрочем еще в 13 лет читал более полный оригинал от Шекспира(на русском разумеется).

UDO. Довольно добрый коллектив, слушал еще с 13 лет(на аудио-кассете, не знал названия, точнее было написано на кассете accept, но на деле это был UDO). Animal House это был альбом. Впрочем другие альмобы тоже неплохие. Но чем старее тем удачнее я считаю.

Список моих музыкальных фаворитов гораздо шире.

Nobuo Uematsu. Композитор знаменитой серии JRPG Final Fantasy.

Betrayal. Не знаю точно что это или кто это. Но с таким названием я встретил любимые треки из игры Warcraft II (это не шутка, мне нравится оркестры из классической стратегии).

Classic: Классическую музыку редко слушаю, но все-же есть определенные фавориты, в зависимости от настроения.

Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Joplin, Josquin de Prez, Beethoven, Vanessa Maj(насколько мне известно только исполнитель, композитор другой человек), Чайковский, Vivaldi.

Ну и отдельно отмечу музыкальные партии в игре DooM, конкретно в Hell Revealed 2(Final). Кто композитор я не знаю, сейчас это довольно трудно выяснить, возможно несколько личностей. Часть треков побудило меня освоится с гитарой. Кстати заметил особенность, в старых играх музыка лучше чем в современных, наверно пытались музыкой компенсировать отсутствие AMD Radeon(NVidia) Music and the likes :) 74428 .

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Music and the likes :) Empty Re: Music and the likes :)

Post by LeafMuncher on 10/3/2011, 20:30

Glad to see Nobuo Uematsu mentioned. Best soundtrack ever for a game has to be FF8 imho

Music and the likes :) Leafmu10

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Music and the likes :) Empty Re: Music and the likes :)

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