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Post by FlaMeBeRg on 14/12/2012, 09:31

If anyone feels like they want to play TTW tournaments to test your skill arrange it with the Twilight staff. Every Tuesday and 18:30 (South African time so: +2) The registrations will start for sign ups. The tourney every Tuesday is non-dota so the staff will take votes on what the players want to play during the course of the day

Highest vote wins so make sure you get people to vote (this is always a 2v2 tourney)

All tourneys start at 19:00 and registrations close. The rules will be given after registrations close

Monday - 1v1 DotA
Tuesday - Octomania (non-DotA)
Wednesday - 3v3 DotA
Thursday - 2v2 DotA

Every monday of every month there will be a 1v1 DotA "Risk your level" where you need to pay 3 levels on Twilight in order to participate. If you win you gain 15 levels. First 2 matches that you win makes you level square again

In some cases there will be a 5v5 DotA tourney hosted on fridays on 20:00

All of this will happen in channel "tourney" so if anyone is unfamiliar with this just go into the main Warcraft III Frozen Throne channel and type /j tourney There will be a bot there at most times that will add you to Group DotA where all the announcements for tournies are given

I hope to see you guys there



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Post by Nesquik on 14/12/2012, 10:01

And you can spend on Garena? if your opponent agrees, I mean 1x1
I just can not play at dusk 1x1 (2-7 seconds delay)

I think I played well to compete for the first place Smile

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Post by Valjavec on 15/12/2012, 19:53

I play on Garena as well Smile

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