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Post by Phippa on 24/9/2018, 18:55

Good day!  Hope this is still happening!!!  Miss this game so much and would love it on Dota 2. 

Gamer Alias(es):

When did you first start playing TTW, and how did you come across it?
My story, we use to LAN this as young teenagers at house LAN's, then while studying, we had our own server on campus, then I played some more on  Loved the game, use to juggle maze mid... Stressful!!!

I think we went through all the possible games (as maps on War 3) those days, found this and enjoyed it way too much.

Favourite TTW Builder(s):
I liked Rain maker, but randomed most of the time.

Worst TTW Builder(s):
the one with the children etc.

What server(s) do you play on?
Not playing on any.

What timezone are you in? (e.g. GMT+2)
+2 GMT

Closing Remark(s):
I had a baby 13 weeks ago, don't know how much time would be spent on gaming anymore.  But having some short games like this again would be bliss!


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Post by H3katonkheir on 9/10/2018, 15:09

Hi Phippa and welcome back Excited

It's a little quiet for now while I finish up with Dota 2's TTW. You'll be happy to know that Rain Maker is in and Effect Master (the children one haha) is gone (or is it...). I hope you enjoy it when it finally comes out.


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