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Post by NinoDoko on 18/7/2011, 21:07

Hallo thar everyone! I'm Nino (or NinoDoko, whichever you fancy more :3 ). I'm just a random guy that used to play a lot of TTW until recently. Mostly because I started to play a bit of comp DotA and pub LoL. But I need a break from that so here I come.

Gamer Alias(es):
NinoDoko (on Garena). If you see anything connected with the name Nino on other forums, it's probably me.

When did you first start playing TTW, and how did you come across it?
A long time ago, in a net cafe far far away, me and my mates decided to play random scenarios. Since I love TD maps, and this had "tower" in it's map name, I decided to try it with them. I fell in love <3

Favourite TTW Builder(s):
Covenant, Spiders and Night elves

Worst TTW Builder(s):
Effects mater, Ghosts, Draenei

What server(s) do you play on?
Garena. I used to play on but not anymore.

What timezone are you in? (e.g. GMT+2)

Closing Remark(s):
SOAD ftw \m/

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Re: NinoDoko

Post by }{odge-Podge on 19/7/2011, 11:56

Welcome Welcome Welcome Tongue It's good to see some golden oldies coming back to life Tongue You have good choices of favourite builders Tongue Especially the Covenant Tongue Hope to see more posts from you around the forum, and oh; Thanks for posting an Intro to yourself Tongue
Everybody pretty much hates Effect Master xD

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Re: NinoDoko

Post by H3katonkheir on 20/7/2011, 19:22

Hey, thanks for making an intro Excited

Hope to see you around, maybe on Garena Smile

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Re: NinoDoko

Post by Frozenwolf on 21/7/2011, 20:55

Hey welcome to the forum Smile

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Re: NinoDoko

Post by vAnKaTa_G.G. on 25/7/2011, 12:06

Welcome Smile

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Re: NinoDoko

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