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Post by H3katonkheir on 26/1/2018, 16:23

From Heads Up on Patreon

Over the next while I'll be posting details about the upcoming three "Super Secret Remakes". There are a lot more than just those three remakes coming, but these in particular have been planned for ages.

Most of the remakes aim to make some of the factions more interesting, or give others a higher degree of flexibility or purpose. In particular I'll be targeting a particular class of faction; the ones where you max out with the same 60 strongest towers, maybe leaving room for some form of utility like a slow here or there.

Evolution's Helper and Effect Master have retired and won't be making it into Dota 2's Tropical Tower Wars; I don't think there are many people that will miss them though.


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Post by Arachne on 28/1/2018, 19:26

RIP Evolution's Helper. Big trees and Chaos Marines will be missed

Ironically, i can't remember effect master, but marines were fun Smile What was their build path again?

Tbh, there were a few factions that had the same 60 towers at end game, so that's not a big clue. Unless you mean in the average game... in which case I have no idea xD


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