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Post by H3katonkheir on 11/12/2010, 10:47

Hey, my summarised story; had been playing for a while before I went to the forum, saw a few dedicated people there and wanted to try be like them. Eventually Atrum-Amicus and TeBBuTT (the leaders at the time) asked for volunteers to help construct a TTW Wiki (TTWiki - unfortunately it expires along with the previous forum), I joined and got promoted to WikiStaff. From there I got good standing with quite a lot of people, started a few small initiatives and learnt to play. Eventually when the leaders decided they no longer wanted to continue, I asked to take over, and miraculously got it Smile.
Now I'm still trying to make a difference to the TTW community, but have a more direct influence.

Gamer Alias(es):
Likely most people know me as H3katonkheir or Fire_Spirit.
Others include:
- SpiritStealer
- I-Ioly

When did you first start playing TTW, and how did you come across it?
Been playing for a few years (dedicatedly since version 5.40), discovered it on Garena (then called GG-client), thought it looked really interesting so I joined it.
Ended up really enjoying it so I just carried on playing it Laugh

Favourite TTW Builder(s):
Hard to pick a favourite one Smile.
Probably the ones who I think are the best (and I enjoy) are; Robotized Tinker and Dragonlord. I also very much like the Lich's Brethren just because of the interesting game-play.

Worst TTW Builder(s):
I don't particularly enjoy these much for various reasons, it appears that not many do, so some changes may happen.
- Wild Beasts.
- Effect Master.

What server(s) do you play on?
- Twilight (war3.co.za).
- Garena (sometimes).

What timezone are you in? (e.g. GMT+2)

Closing Remark(s):
Let's make TTW great again!

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Post by }{odge-Podge on 29/12/2010, 19:28

Welcome H3ka Tongue Good to see that the new TTW-Warlord is on the new forum Tongue hehe Wink
I should make my story like yours Tongue coz then people will really know how whack I am Laugh But anyways, it's good to see you man Tongue (just doing my rounds of saying hi Tongue wana be known as a friendly Moderator Smile )

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